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What Goes On With Collecting Custom Baseball Pins

custom-baseball-pinsGetting into a hobby can be your way of having “alone time” where you don’t need to think of anything else. It’s a way to relieve stress for some and a means to get away from your normal daily routine. Collecting items like stamps and coins is a way of starting a hobby. For baseball fans, collecting custom baseball pins is a way for them to enjoy the sport and get a collection started at the same time.

There are different kinds of custom pins, not just the one made for sports. You can buy special pins from amusement parks. These pins would show either their mascots or a picture of any of their attractions. Special events would sometimes have their own pins made and given away to attendees as a souvenir. These pins are only given out during the said event and it will not be available anymore afterwards.

If you want to collect sports-themed pins, a sporting event is the place to go. Sports-themed pins will have the name of the team or the mascot of the team on it plus their logo. Sometimes the pins available will have the name of the event itself. In some events, custom pins are given to the participants as a token from the event. Major sponsors would take advantage of the event and they would also create pins that are themed after both the event and the sponsor’s name. Pins coming from those sponsors are really hard to come by once the event is done.

There is no exact information on when custom pins were first used. Evidence shows though that such pins may have been used by players of the sport called curling as early as the 19th century. Curling is popular in countries like Canada and is sometimes called “chess on ice.”

Custom baseball pins have different sizes depending on the theme or preference of the person involved in making it. The smaller ones would be 1.5 inches in size while the larger ones would be at around 2.5 inches. A military clasp is used to hold the prong on the pin when it is attached to your clothes.

Custom baseball pins that are only made for a limited time or are made with a limited number of prints will be considered valuable by collectors. Additional factors to this would be the design on it, where and when the pin came from. If the team on the pin is one of the most famous ones, the value of it will go even higher. Some pins are also reprinted every year for the sports team or sports club. If something special happens to the team, like if they ever won a championship, pins can also be made to commemorate it. These kinds of pins can become valuable that long-time collectors will be looking for them.

“Pinhead” is the name given to long-time collectors of custom baseball pins just for fun, but if you are to talk to them about collecting pins, they are all business. They already know Where to get special pins and if news comes out about a new kind of pin, they’re sure to be the first to know. “Pinheads” would readily assist hobbyists that are just starting their own pin collection; they give tips on what to look out for when buying pins and they teach the dos and don’ts when it comes to trading. “Pinheads” are easy to spot during sporting events. They would usually have their pins worn on their clothing. This shows that they are open to the idea of trading pins during the event.